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Showcase Information

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All activities are performed on “ONE Field”


Parents/Players are given an itinerary 4 days prior to the event.


We utilize multiple sessions creating an “ALL-EYES” ON YOU “CENTER-STAGE” VISIBILITY FORMAT, for a more favorable Exposure Opportunity and coach-player ratio.


Limited to (40) players per session.


Coaches are confirmed Multiple Times.


Every Coach sees Every Player do Everything.


Coaches are not distracted.



Recruiting-Guidance Speeches will offer insightful strategies to successfully navigate the often confusing quest of playing at the next level.


We add and encourage throughout the event, the vitally important tool of engaging one to one conversations with the college coaches.  

(Each player will participate in one session with their designated team)





                 An Exclusive GO YARD EVENT Performance video Is Included.




Each Session Includes:



1. College-Style Warm up & Stretch


2. Primary pitchers will throw “LIVE” seen by    

   EVERY COACH in attendance.


3. On-field Batting Practice (with "LIVE"

  defense) seen by EVERY COACH in



4. Infield/Outfield Drills seen by EVERY  

  COACH in attendance


5. Measurables given to EVERY COACH in



6. “GO-LIVE” 9 Inning Game seen by EVERY

    COACH in attendance