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Registration/Receive GO YARD PRIME            numbered jersey


For the purpose of achieving an effective, & efficient 

"ALL-EYES" ON YOU "CENTER-STAGE" VISIBILITY  maximum exposure opportunity,

we utilize a more favorable coach to player ratio by offering multiple shifts.


Our ONE-FIELD concept further increases each players EXPLOSIVE-EXPOSURE...


Each shift includes: (each player will participate in one shift with their designated team)


  • College-Style Warm Up & Stretch,

  • On-field Batting Practice seen by EVERY COACH in attendance

  • Primary pitchers will throw live Saturday and Sunday, seen by EVERY COACH in attendance

  • Infield Drills seen by EVERY COACH in attendance

  • Outfield drills seen by EVERY COACH in attendance

  • Measurables such as 60 yard dash, POP times, fast ball velo

  • Zepp Test- bat speed, exit speed, hand speed, time to impact, bat angle

  • Coach Speeches

  • "GO-LIVE" Game seen by EVERY COACH in attendance


DAY 1:

Sample RAISE THE BAR Format

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DAY 2:

Sample GO-BEYOND Format

Same as DAY 1 minus the measurables which will be taken on DAY 1




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All activities are performed on "ONE FIELD"